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Bookkeeping Course Outline - Academy

What does your business need to run effectively? Knowing your numbers and proper bookkeeping is essential to a growing and thriving business.

Bookkeeping Course Outline - Academy
Bookkeeping Course Outline - Academy

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the event

As a business owner what do you need from your bookkeeping?

In this short course you will learn why & how to:

1. Keep on top of the bookkeeping? 

2. Keep a close eye on accounts receivable.

3 Separate business and personal finances.

4. Reconcile the bank & credit cards regularly.

5. Monitor your, & employees’ hours with time tracking software.

6. Automate whatever you can.

7. Do regular reviews.

8. Stay on top of tax deadlines.

9. Set money aside for taxes / GST.

10. Get a bookkeeper / talk to your Accountant!

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