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Get Ahead & Stay Ahead

With our Quickbooks Online Training & Consulting

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Are you using Quickbooks Online for your business or personal finances?

We understand the struggle business owners face when trying to stay on top of their numbers; endless late nights or working every weekend just so you don’t fall behind. As a business owner, your time should be spent helping your clients, expanding your business, and seeing your efforts succeed - not crunching the numbers on your lunch break. 


With Black & White, you’ll never have to stress over your books. As a certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor, we’ve helped many of our customers move their finances over to Quickbooks Online, saved them countless hours of bookkeeping anxiety, and set them on the path to financial independence.


Black & White and Quickbooks Online will help you get ahead - and stay ahead.

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Enjoy Your Success Without the Stress with Quickbooks Online & Black & White Bookkeeping

So what makes our Quickbooks Online Training different? Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

Comprehensive Training

The first step to organize your books is to learn how they work. Black & White’s certified Quickbooks Online training will give you the tools you need to manage your finances.

Stress-Free Tax Season

Terrified of tax season? You’re not alone, with Quickbooks Online, your taxes have never been easier. Fill out a quick tax guide & submit it with your tax info. We’ll take care of the rest!

Smarter Accounting

From bookkeeping to budgets, Quickbooks Online gives you complete control over your accounting - and we are here to give you the information you need to make the best choice.

Professional Payroll

You don’t need to be an accounting wizard to stay ahead of your payroll. Our training will show you how to stay on top of payroll, so you can keep your employees happy & productive.

A Smooth Migration

Migrating your data is your first step towards more efficient accounting. We can provide step-by-step training or, with our full-service plans, we can migrate everything for you.

Guidance Support

With Black & White, help us just a click away. We provide full-time Quickbooks Online support, guidance, and consulting services to ensure you’re always on the right track.


Meet Our Expert


About Angela

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Angela Barber is the founder & principle of Black & White Bookkeeping.  She has worked with over 200 small business clients in many different industries and thousands of tax clients over her 30 year career in bookkeeping and accounting.  She is a licensed Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor, certified Professional Bookkeeper, and a proud Okotoks Chamber of Commerce member.  She combines her in-depth knowledge with first-class customer service to ensure every client has a full understanding of their financials.  Discretion and integrity are always her number one priority - you can rest assured knowing your books are in good hands. 
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Over 200 Satisfied Clients & Counting

We have helped over 200 small businesses, and many more personal tax clients, achieve financial stability by finding a financial strategy that works for their situation.

Here are just a few of our happy clients. 



Jenny has 106 invoices to raise at the beginning of every month for her clients, all of whom different rates, for different service levels. It would take her a full day to raise the invoices, save them as PDFs and then email each client. After only 1 x 2-hour session, the only invoices she must raise, are when shetakes on a new client. Angela taught Jenny how to customize invoices so that they look great, and how to automate this whole process. On February 1, 2021, Jenny spent 0 minutes raising invoices and was able to go about the business of just doing business.

Electrical Contractor

Having used Sage for years, Paul was tired of the fees associated with Sage, add to that he had to buy several licenses so that everyone could access the data. He decided to make the switch to QBO as this was going to work out much more cost-effective in the long run. He hired Angela to do the migration from Sage to QBO as he did not want to lose the history or have to set everything up from scratch. After that was complete he had 4 x 3-hour training sessions and is now able to enter invoices, run payroll, manage & pay his bills, manage projects, and log his mileage in QBO – whether he is in the office or on the move.

General Contractor

TH had always handwritten his estimates and invoices. These often got lost or were ruined after falling into the footwell of his vehicle, along with a lot of his receipts. Add to that he rarely logged his mileage accurately and was often late paying his bills. Angela set up a QBO file for him and then trained him how to create professional-looking estimates & invoices that can be emailed to the client whilst still in their home. He knows what bills need paying and when, and is now able to store copies of receipts in the QBO file in the blink of an eye. No more messy paperwork!

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Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a large business, we have a package for you.

Intro Session

Perfect for those exploring Quickbooks Online for the first time.

15 Minute Session - FREE

Beginner Session

Learn the basics so you can get to work

3 Hours

Intermediate Session

If you’re a Quickbooks user already, but you’d like to understand best practices a bit better, this is the training for you!

1 Hour

The Works

We can migrate your data, set up your chart of accounts, and train you and your employees to enter your own bookkeeping, run reports, and understand your numbers. Session length is dependent on your business’s needs.

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Our Success Stories:

Before I met Angela, I wasn’t very sure at all about how to even approach my bookkeeping. I didn’t know what my accountant needed, or how to put everything together, and so I put it off for a long time.


After only 2 x 2-hour sessions, I now have a way forward. Using QBO, I can now send professional looking invoices, and I know how to enter everything, and how to do my own bank reconciliations. Go me!!

Learn Five Tips To Get Your Books In Shape!


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